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For generations, New Mexicans have protected this special place, teaching each successive generation about their responsibility to do the same. When our elected officials fail to honor that legacy, it's time we speak up.


As a candidate, Susana Martinez took almost $1 million from the oil and gas industry.

As governor, Susana Martinez's administration created a fictitious inspector allowing almost 500 new oil and gas sites to skip required inspections. 


Cleaning up our own mess is just what we do. Our parents taught us that from the very beginning.

But when a mining company in Carlsbad caused a huge sinkhole near town, they simply closed up shop and walked away even though it threatened homes, businesses – even a church.

So why would Governor Martinez personally ask the legislature to cover the tab to clean up their mess?


I wanted to pass down our tradition of fishing to my grandkids,

But last year a businessman from Texas supported a bill to close many miles of streams and rivers to the public so he and other private interests could charge thousands to fish them.

We can’t fish anymore, Governor Martinez closed the river.