New Mexicans can have both a clean environment and good government, if everyone plays by the same rules.

Government should keep our communities and environment safe.

But under Governor Martinez, not everyone has to play by the rules.

As a candidate, Susana Martinez took almost a million dollars from the oil and gas industry.

As Governor, her administration created a fictitious inspector allowing almost 500 new oil and gas wells to skip required inspections.

“Short Circuit” | Albuquerque Journal | Apr. 21, 2013

“…474 requests for electrical inspections had been parked for months in an unusual state computer account labeled “E-Vacant….

The computer file was created by top CID officials who have allowed oil and gas companies in southeastern New Mexico to skip state inspections of electrical systems for oil and gas well projects over the past 10 months.”


When the Albuquerque Journal uncovered the scandal, 85% of those sites failed inspection.

Belated inspections turn up problems | Albuquerque Journal, June 13, 2013

“Of about 276 oil and gas well sites inspected over the past six weeks, about 85 percent received a “failed” grade and correction notices were issued, according to a Journal review of inspection records…”

It’s time to Put New Mexico First.


Shouldn't we all have to play by the same rules?

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