About this campaign

When we elect public officials, we trust them to make sure our public resources work for us by protecting our interests now and for our future.

Polling tell us what many of us already know: 80% of New Mexicans believe that corruption is a problem and campaign donors have too much influence over elected officials and 6-in-10 business leaders think elected officials are more responsive to donors than voters they are elected to represent. 

Governor Martinez promised to run New Mexico differently than the way it had been done in the past; but six years later, the agenda of special interests have been allowed to put their agendas before ours, exploiting the public resources we’ve protected for generations for their short-term profit.

As we visited these places and heard from New Mexicans living with the result, we started thinking:

o   How did this happen?
o   and how do we keep this from happening again? 

New Mexico deserves better. 

Our Put New Mexico First campaign helps to educate New Mexicans about what happens when we (voters, the public and the media) fail to hold public officials accountable to the expectations we have when they sign up to serve us.

Join our campaign and help us fight back.

Our campaign:  Put New Mexico First is a project of the non-profit ProgressNow New Mexico Education Fund.  We work to inform and engage New Mexicans in the civic process. Together with partner organizations and thousands of New Mexicans who love our heritage and want to see a government made by and for people like us, we are inspiring new appreciation for the role of voting and public engagement to create a more progressive New Mexico that works for us all.