Did you know: In New Mexico, our public streams aren't public anymore. 

For generations, New Mexicans have handed down our traditions and cared for the land and water we share in this beautiful place.

But in 2015, Governor Martinez signed a bill, SB226, giving private land owners new rights to cut off public access to public streams.

Now they've put up fences and charge thousands of dollars to fish the streams you and I still own. 

Dan Perry's Trout Stalker Ranch, Chama, NM

Dan Perry's Trout Stalker Ranch, Chama, NM


The donor behind it - a businessman from Texas - bought up thousands of acres of New Mexico land then gave Gov. Martinez the maximum campaign donation before anyone noticed.  

Watch the ad to see what happens next:


The Albuquerque Journal reported that State House leaders moved the bill through "at warp speed on the next-to-last day of the 60-day session" and Governor Martinez signed it without explanation.  

Now, we found campaign records showing that the donor behind the bill set up a new organization to push for more bills like this and it gave huge donations to House leaders who supported the bill and their PACs.  

Why donate to those legislators? To be "prepared" in case he sees other issues like these in the future, he told the ABQ Journal

We can’t fish anymore, Governor Martinez closed the river. 

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